Established in 2013 by Amy Green and Claudia Johnson, Connected Sustainability LLC is a Brentwood, Tennessee, based consulting firm providing traditional and web-based marketing services, including web design, social media planning and integration, development of collateral materials, content writing, video production planning, professional writing services, client email nurturing and contact campaigns, book editing and design, proposal and report writing and more. 

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Claudia Johnson earned her bachelor’s degree in from Union University in 1980 and has spent her professional career in the fields of economic, community and tourism development; historic preservation; cultural resources promotion; marketing and public relations; journalism, publishing and communications; grant and proposal development and writing; prospect research and fundraising; and nonprofit management.

These positions have required such skills as program planning and budgeting; public presentation development and delivery; publication design and layout; project coordination; teaching and training; networking and relationship building; meeting facilitation; event planning; organizational assessment and strategic planning; employee hiring, training and supervision; technical and journalistic writing; and mastery of social media and the internet as a business tool.

Claudia is excellent at creation and maintenance of an online presence for clients through Facebook, Google+, Blogger, LinkedIn,, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, YouTube, Picasaweb, Flickr, Vine, Vimeo, MailChimp and other social media sites. For nonprofits, she creates their GuideStar profiles for use in solicitation of donations.

Claudia has worked in both the public and private sector, in higher education, with nonprofits and with urban and rural communities. Over the years, she has cultivated and maintained a broad professional network that includes contacts in federal, state and regional agencies as well as the business community. Further, she has volunteered throughout the years for additional responsibilities, either through organizations in which had a personal interest or through her professional affiliations.

Claudia Johnson

Amy Harshman Green

See Amy's detailed educational and professional history on her LinkedIn profile.

Amy is a proven communications and marketing professional working especially with strategic planning initiatives involving change in a dynamically transitioning marketplace. She has expertise with bringing diverse and often competing stakeholders to emerge a public position that is clear, concise, compelling and thoughtful.


A graduate of Vanderbilt University, she has a record of accomplishment in developing the public materials, face and positions that have enabled the core missions and/or corporate visions of organizations to be realized, to grow or to even be re-defined.

She has often been called upon to manage and respond to crisis communications needs. She knows how to guide her clients to create and live within budgets, while engaging in their mission-driven efforts.


Amy’s work in healthcare inspired her passion for empowering people with health and safety education and the life-sustaining skills for emergency preparedness for businesses and families as well as the skills for emergency response.


Throughout her career, Amy has often been the translator who turns corporate dreams into collateral materials, news and information articles, sales pieces, sales support, promotional products, presentations, sound, visual experience/video, legislative initiatives, trade show exhibits and special events incorporating traditional and today’s media channels.